Support the Expedition

Voting for the LA in 2026 Worldcon will take place at Glasgow in 2024.

If you vote at the 2024 Worldcon Site Selection you will automatically receive a WSFS Membership with the 2026 winning bid, no matter how you voted or who you supported.

By Supporting the LA in 2026 bid you will receive:

$20 – Pathfinder:
We are grateful for your donation and the assistance you have provided. Thank you.

$150 – Navigator:
If you vote and support us at the Navigator Level, you will automatically receive an Adult Attending Membership  should we win.

If we win and you did not vote, you will have a limited time to buy a WSFS membership from our worldcon.  At that time, we will give you an Adult Attending Membership  for free.  If you have not converted by the deadline, you will receive a Virtual Membership and a WSFS Membership  to the convention.

$300 –  Voyager:
Supporting us at this level, you will automatically receive an Adult Attending Membership and a WSFS Membership  should we win.  You have also earned a few surprises, but those are planned in the future and have yet to arrive here in the past. 

We know a savvy adventurer when we see one.  Make sure you vote so you don’t miss out!

“Black hole is just another name for a tourist spot!” – LA in 2026

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