Southern California Institute for Fan Interests (SCIFI) Inc.  is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, established for the promotion and conduct of conferences, conventions or congresses relating to the field of Science Fiction and Fantasy.  SCIFI has organized many popular events in Los Angeles (see our Past Conventions page for details); provided funding to other events; lend our technology to local conventions; contributed to popular science fiction fan funds; and fostered relationships with other charitable and beneficial organizations. Additionally, the organization sponsors the annual Rotsler Awards,  named after the popular late SF artist William Rotsler and given each year to the best and brightest amateur talents in science fiction and fantasy illustration.

SCIFI is the past sponsor of the 1984, 1996 and 2006 Los Angeles World Science Fiction Conventions (Worldcons); the 1999 North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFIC); the 2019 World Fantasy Convention; the 1989, 1994 and 2002 West Coast Science Fantasy Conferences (Westercons); and the 1994 and 2014 SMOFCons. 

SCIFI, Inc. is currently sponsoring a bid to bring the 2026 World Science Fiction Convention back to the Los Angeles area, to be decided at the 2024 Worldcon taking place in Glasgow, Scotland.

"Worldcon" is a registered service mark of Worldcon Intellectual Property, a California non-profit public benefit corporation. "World Science Fiction Convention", is a service mark of the World Science Fiction Society, an unincorporated literary society.